Industrial degreasing, cleaning
and special applications

Industrial degreasing, cleaning and special applications are the primary target of the high-quality Star degreasers and cleaners for industrial uses. The products are water-based, environmentally friendly, biologically degradable and non-flammable. They are intended for use in any branch of industry. We offer a technological solution for the degreasing process including application.
Star pro průmyslové odmašťování a čištění

Star for industrial degreasing and cleaning

We offer solutions and uses in all industrial sectors and branches for degreasing and cleaning materials from oils and fats and other dirt.

Directly from the manufacturer

Ikona modrá Customer service directly from the manufacturer
Ikona modrá Individual system of custom-made solutions
Ikona modrá The company's own technical and service team, technical support 24/7
Ikona modrá The company’s own development facilities, including analytical and chemical laboratories
Ikona modrá The company’s own fleet and logistics
Ikona modrá Information and legislation system of customer support


Ikona modrá A Czech company with a tradition since 1991
Ikona modráThe company’s own manufacture and development
Ikona modrá Management system conforming to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015
Ikona modrá Over 4,000 active customers

Star products

Ikona modráAt reasonable prices, in economical packaging
Ikona modrá For all types of metallic and non-metallic materials
Ikona modrá Alkaline – acid – neutral / foaming – non-foaming – non-foaming with passivators
Ikona modrá Special – degreasing and pickling products for hot-dip galvanising plants
Ikona modrá Special – degreasers combined with iron(III) phosphate

Inspection and quality

Ikona modrá System for efficient control of degreasing baths
Ikona modrá System for in-process quality control of the degreased surfaces

Applications and uses

For all application methods, including but not limited to:
Ikona modrá Manual application
Ikona modrá Spray application
Ikona modrá Ultrasonic treatment
Ikona modrá Degreasing benches
Ikona modrá Dipping tanks
Ikona modrá Combined

Comprehensive turnkey solutions

Ikona modrá The best technological solution for the degreasing process – including application
Ikona modrá Option of ordering an individual and tailor-made solution based on customer’s requirements and needs, including the development of new products
Ikona modrá Degreasing cost control

Hard challenges are no obstacles for us

Offering solutions also for your degreasing and cleaning needs. Anything in the industry and/or manufacturing process you need have degreased or cleaned in a professional manner. Whether in a sophisticated large-scale production plant or in a small locksmith’s shop.

Průmyslové odmašťování, čištění a speciální aplikace
We provide coarse pre-degreasing; degreasing and cleaning; in-process washing; degreasing before surface treatment, phosphatising, passivation, surface pretreatment for galvanisation as well as tailor-made solutions based on customer’s requirements.

The baths are cautiously controlled of course: the measurements deal not only with concentrations and impurities but also with performance, ongoing monitoring and chemical analyses.

You can either get a standard solution or you can have a specific solution developed based on your needs and specific characteristics of your process facilities.


We offer the facilities of a Czech manufacturer having its own manufacturing plant, development department, technological service, chemical laboratories and legislative support.

We will propose a solution for you free of charge

Contact us and try us without any commitments. We will propose the solution and offer you the option to test it directly in your operation. Our technical and service team of experts is at your disposal. Be among those who make use of these factory facilities.


Degreasing and cleaning quality and efficiency are our priority. We offer an efficient control system for degreasing baths and degreased surfaces.

Always comprehensively

We do not recommend only the products: we will also recommend the most appropriate comprehensive technological solution for the degreasing process. We welcome challenges – where a standard solution is not enough, we are prepared to develop a specific solution just for you.

Costs under control

A good, reasonable price is a matter of course. You will have the costs under control also during your normal operations – thanks to a system of tests clearly showing how efficient and costly each step is.

The Star brand

For your easy and comfortable work.
Readily, comfortably, efficiently, at a good price For the joy of cleaning.

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