Customer services

Everstar is not only a product, it also includes integral services that accompany it throughout its lifetime. This primarily includes service, technological consultancy and tailor-made solutions. This is a comprehensive process, encompassing product delivery, a comprehensive solution and service with elements of subsequent development and optimisation, including novel and non-traditional areas and approaches.

Framework list of services provided

Ikona modrá Technical facilities and service.
Ikona modráConsulting, technical and professional advice.
Ikona modrá Analyses and measurements, including laboratory solutions.
Ikona modrá Assistance in bath application, operation and maintenance.
Ikona modrá Tailor-made and customised solutions.

Ikona modrá Development of comprehensive solutions and their implementation in practice.
Ikona modrá Legislative service and support.
Ikona modrá Administrative service.
Ikona modrá Education and knowledge development, including training, seminars and workshops.
Ikona modrá Research, development, innovation.

Do you have a specific question or are you interested in such services?

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