Everstar s.r.o. - a Czech manufacturer with a tradition

Our vision is to provide highly valued, perfectly performing and meaningful “made in everstar” solutions for cleaning, degreasing, special applications and customised solutions.

We create and provide comprehensive solutions for cleanliness and applications especially in the areas of industry, cleaning, cleaning and treatment products, special cleaning and custom solutions, including professional services beyond the standard framework and fully individualised solutions.
Everstar s.r.o.

Company's milestones


Everstar was established

The company Everstar was founded by the brothers Milan Kulich and Karel Kulich.



Revolutionary degreasing solution

A novel degreasing solution using water-based environmentally friendly products.


CykloStar brand launched

The new premium CykloStar product for the new segment of bike cleaning and maintenance was launched.



Everstar’s first own discount shop opened

Everstar opened its own discount shop – grocer’s and chemist’s – named Mýval.


ISO 9001, 14001 introduced

Everstar introduced an integrated management system as per ISO 9001 and 14001 in its facilities.



A hot galvanising programme introduced

A comprehensive programme of products and technologies for hot galvanising shops was created and introduced.


Mr Milan Kulich as the sole General Manager

The ownership structure was changed so that Mr Milan Kulich became the sole partner and General Manager.



Household product series expanded

The series of Cleaning and treatment and household products was expanded and innovated.


Professional cleaning product series innovated

The series of professional room cleaning and equipment cleaning products was innovated (including distribution).



A series of environmentally friendly products launched

A series of certified, environmentally friendly products made from renewable raw material sources was launched.


A new site for research

A new site for research, development and innovations was opened.



New company development strategy

A new approach to the analysis and measurements of baths and provision of services. Product partnership with the Mountain Bike World Championships.


New production of detergent powders and customised solutions

The system of services and consultancy was expanded. The new series of user-friendly cleaning solutions “How?” “Differently.” Transition to the new ISO 9001:2016 and ISO 14001:2016 standards.



Development, modernisation and production expansion plan

Company's own plant area and headquarters. Innovations in the industrial area in the field of passivating products.


Construction work to expand and upgrade the company plant and headquarters area initiated

Star industrial master product series. The first dermatologically tested bike cleaning and maintenance product.


Read the whole Everstar story.

How did it all start? Brothers Milan Kulich and Karel Kulich lived in Canada during the Communist regime in Czechoslovakia and came back to this country in 1991 to establish a company producing and selling water-based products. In doing so they used their own experience as well as the know-how they had acquired abroad. This (i.e. water-based products) was a novel thing, finding its place among the then prevailing chlorinated solvents and similar competitive products of that time. The Star brand started convincing people that this new approach to cleaning and degreasing is totally different. The major benefits of this solution include environmental friendliness and biological degradability as well as reasonable costs.

The Star brand now. The world and developments in it are currently hectic and in turmoil. We all feel that. Legislative and other burdens are quite heavy. We make efforts to apply a sound approach; fully functional and fair solutions. This concerns efficiency, shelf life, control as well as the price. The development and trend pursued by Everstar include, in addition to an individual and precise solution directly for the issue addressed by the customer, also environmental friendliness and safety of the products and solutions. This is based on an entirely new approach to the formulations, composition and active substances taking into account the uses and available technologies.

Our vision and our mission are simple. We provide comprehensive solutions for cleanliness and applications in the areas of industry, room cleaning, Cleaning and treatment products, special cleaning and customised solutions, including professional services beyond the standard framework. From the design via the development to the manufacture and sale of cleaning and degreasing products and special application products. We provide service, technological consultancy and customised solutions.

Not only the product. Star is not only a product in the catalogue or a conventional, traditional solution. Although a traditional product largely performs well to one’s satisfaction, we like addressing challenges and demanding tasks requiring an individual approach, the engagement of our own research and development, with the aim of reaching the precisely required solution for the customer. We have been long been making efforts to develop, together with the customers, solutions that will, apart from good financial results, bring about maximisation of control of the whole process.

We have a great opportunity and room available so that we can afford this, proceed in this direction and face challenges. It still holds good at Everstar that what we invent we can implement and bring to an interesting life. We will be happy to work for customers and business partners who welcome this view. Whether we speak about degreasing solutions or customised surface pretreatment solutions or the development of tailor-made solutions with a global overlap or premium products, e.g. for some sporting branches. That moment you do not see only a bottle or canister with the product: you see a thing that makes sense and works as a whole.

What do we offer? We offer solutions, including the option to test the efficiency directly in the plant and set the parameters for use of the Star products. Our technical and service team of experts is at your disposal. We do not recommend products solely: in fact, we offer the most suitable comprehensive technological solution for the cleaning or degreasing process. We keep costs under control. If conventional solutions do not work as you wish, we offer the option to have an individual, tailor-made solution developed. The solution will comply with and respect environmental protection and sustainability efforts, applicable legislation and, first of all, social responsibility and our corporate values and principles.

What do we believe in? We believe in solutions based on an individual approach, overlapping the optimisation of tailor-made solutions. Modular products developed based on requirements and specific needs – that is where we feel strong and where we offer. We make full use of experience gained from all areas we have gone through and where we take inspiration and experience.

ISO certification

ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015

Development, modernisation and production expansion plan